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1.1. This Privacy Policy sets forth the terms and conditions and the manner in which / and its affiliates (hereafter be referred to as “we” or “us” or “our” or “Ferrari Forge Metal INC ”) maintains, records, processes, stores, discloses, transfers or uses any personal or general information about our Users or Customers (hereafter be referred to as “users” or “customers” or “you” or “your”).

1.2. We will hold your privacy with due care and acknowledge that we will abide by and comply with the laws, rules, regulations and customary practices in the United States pertaining to data protection and privacy.

1.3. We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy from time to time.

1.4. When we talk about the ‘website’, we mean our platforms, which include our websites, mobile applications, communications we send or services we provide, social networking sites, or any other websites we offer that link to or reference this Privacy Policy document.

1.5. By registering, accessing, or using our website and its associated services including visiting / or its mobile applications, you agree and confirm that you accept the requirements, policies and practices mentioned in this Privacy Policy and you strictly acknowledge and adhere to the practices, requirements, and/or policies outlined in this Privacy Policy which may from time to time be amended.

1.6. You hereby consent to our collection, storage, processing, disclosure and use of your personal data and other relevant data as more particularly described herein.

2. Collection of Personal Information

2.1. In order to use or access our platform and services, it is mandatory that you create a user account after submitting the below listed personal information:

a. Name
b. Gender
c. Date of Birth
d. Email address
e. Delivery Address / Address for Correspondence
f. Mobile Number / Contact Number
g. Payment information
h. Any other information that is relevant to the use of our website or services

2.2. The above list does not purport to be exhaustive and only captures the common personal information that will be collected from you. As such, we reserve the right to request for additional information for the completion of transactions via our website.

2.3. The personal information provided to us directly by you or through our authorized agents for the use of our website or services should be accurate. It will be the responsibility of you, our customers or users, to furnish us with updated information and inform us of any changes (if any). We will not be held liable for any false and misleading information provided to us.

2.4. We reserve our right to request additional documentation to verify the authenticity of the information you provide us.

2.5. We acknowledge that we have the right to collect, record, maintain, store, use, disclose or transfer your personal information only if it has been voluntarily provided to us by you. We note that if you wish to opt out or do not provide any of the personal information requested by us, Ferrari Forge Design has the right to discontinue your access to our website or its services.

2.6. In the event you provided us personal information of third party, we assume that you have obtained the required authority and consent from such relevant third party to disclose its personal information. You then hold us harmless and indemnify us from any claims, suits and/or actions arising from the collection of such third party’s information by reason of your disclosure to us

3. Purpose of Collecting of Personal Information

3.1. The information we collect from you may be used, stored, disclosed and/or processed for some or all of the following purposes:

*To enable a seamless, improved and faster access, operation, management, administration and use of our website and its services;
*To facilitate and validate secure transaction through our website and mobile application and with our authorized service providers and affiliates;
*To process orders/requests/inquiries and facilitate their fulfillment along with any other related transactions you request through our website;
*To customize your experience on / by improving our layout and displaying contents according to your interests or preferences.
*To provide an efficient and faster method of managing and accessing your account and submission of information.
*To verify and carry out transactions in relation to payments made online.
*To send direct marketing messages, newsletters and/or other communications through email, push notifications on mobile devices
*To Respond to your queries or address any issues raised by you
*To administer rewards, surveys, sweepstakes, contests and/or other promotional activities or events, in order to meet our contractual commitments to you
*To manage everyday business needs such as administration of the website, forum management, fulfillment, analytics, fraud prevention and enforcement of our corporate reporting obligations and Terms or to comply with the law
*To comply with our legal obligations, to resolve disputes and enforce our agreements.
*To analyze, research and examine the demographics information you provide in order to understand and improve our website services.
*To administer and manage any software updates and/or updates and support that may be required from time to time to ensure the smooth running of our we
*To facilitate the functioning of any other website’s features created to improve your experience with us and that which falls under the scope of our offered services.
3.2. We retain the right to share the information provided by you with our authorized service providers including our affiliates in order to maximize your use and access of the website and its services.

3.3. For avoidance of doubt, please note that we do not engage in the business of selling our user’s personal information.

4. Allowing Cookies

4.1. We and our authorized services providers and affiliates may, from time to time, implement “cookies” or other similar technologies to allow us or third parties to collect or share information that will help us improve your experience on / This will assist us in providing you with an improved, safer, faster and customized experience when using our website.

4.2. “Cookies” are small pieces of data that we transfer to your computer or mobile devices that allow us to keep track of your movements within the website, help you resume where you left off, remember your registered login, theme selection, preferences, and other customization functions.

4.3. We may link your cookie information to your personal data which includes without limiting the items or services you have selected or purchased or booked, pages you viewed, items stored in the shopping cart etc.

4.4. You may accept, manage or refuse the use of cookies through your device settings.

5. Protection of Personal Information

5.1. We implement security measures to ensure the protection of your personal information on our website. We adhere to the applicable laws, rules and regulations in relation to the collection, retention and protection of data privacy.

5.2. We ensure that the personal information we collect are kept secured behind our networks and are accessible only by our authorized service providers and affiliates. As such, we keep your personal information confidential and all personal information supplied is encrypted into our databases to be accessed for the purposes mentioned above.

5.3. In accessing third party and/or linked sites, we do not guarantee the security of your personal information that you provide. Our security measures are limited to safeguarding the personal information provided to us that is subject to our control and possession. We therefore have no obligation and liability for the security arrangements of these third party/linked sites.

6. Changes to Privacy Policy

6.1. We will endeavor to periodically review the sufficiency and contents of our Privacy Policy.

6.2. We reserve our right to amend, modify, add, remove or suspend all or any portion of our Privacy Policy at any time and the said amendments shall be posted on our website.

6.3. Your continued use, access or registration to / and/or its services after the posting of such changes constitutes your binding acceptance to the same.

7. Right to Disclose

7.1. In case your personal information is required to be disclosed under an order or mandate by a court, regulatory, tax, law enforcement, governmental and/or judicial authority or under any law, you agree and acknowledge that we have the right to disclose your personal information for meeting such mandate or order. You therefore agree not to take any action and/or waive your rights to take any action against us including our affiliates for the disclosure of your personal information under these circumstances.

8. Contact Us

Should you have any questions or concerns about our privacy practices or your dealings with the / or its services, please contact us at